We are not asking for any funding.

DECISIONS ARE MADE BY THOSE WHO SHOW UP: If possible attend the City Council Meeting at 5:00 PM and sign up to speak in support 24-010 Consider seeking proposals for the Holmes Aquatic Center Phase II Architectural Services. The “Architectural Service” is to fund the Schematic Design for the Community Center and Pool Pump Room necessary for the city to determine the final cost for the HAC2. Not funding this terminates the possibility of a Community Center and repairing the Pump Room for the third time and likely the last time in nine years of attempts.

Or email your HAC2 support to the city council this week before the January 23, 2024 VOTE. Together we can make this a reality by circulating this email to your friends and simply emailing your support to all the council:
EMAIL: city-council@uptexas.org
COPY/PASTE SUBJECT: Support for HAC Phase II 24-010
COPY/PASTE MESSAGE: I (we) support funding the HAC2 Schematic Design necessary to for the Holmes Aquatic Center Phase II to break ground next year in 2024.


We encourage you to read the citizen responses to the council member concerns on What is holding this up?

If you have comments regarding this website, please send to info@uphac2.org.

History of the Holmes Aquatic Center original comprehensive plan

Many citizens are unaware of this amazing opportunity, which have been in development since 2015 by the Park Department and Park Advisory Committee in response to citizen requests.

Why did I not know about this?

All Advisory committees, like the Park Advisory Committee’s recommendations are reviewed by city staff, the Capital Projects Review Committee and the city council before the city council votes on them. The recommendations are not placed on the city website unless they have been approved.

So for this third and final attempt at funding, this is the first time that the plans, renderings and information have been available to the general public online.

This is called HAC Phase 2 because the creation of the Meeting Room and the replacement of the Pool Equipment Building were originally included in the Park Advisory Committee’s recommendation for the renovation of the Holmes Aquatic Center presented in total in 2015.

Everyone agrees the replacement of the 85-year-old WPA designed and built Pool Equipment Building is inevitable. It lacks the modern pool maintenance capabilities that most other municipals now have. The proposed changes will dramatically improve the comfort and safety of 30,000-35,000 visitors to our pool each summer.

Since it is inevitable, the Meeting Room was designed as an attachment to the new Pool Building.

The Meeting Room was originally requested by seniors, who rarely set foot in the parks nor toe in the pool. They loved that our outdoor parks created community by gathering our neighbors in lovely places. But they wanted a “indoor park” loosely translated as a centrally located, place for their family, neighbors and friends could gather year-round. They wanted it to be casual, easy to park and walk to. They wanted it rain or shine, air conditioned and mosquito free. They wanted it for family, civic groups, small casual meetings, education to even mahjong tournaments.

The most efficient way to accomplish that was to incorporate it on the western facing “maintenance side” of the Pool Equipment Building with direct access to Lovers Lane parking and no neighborhood or park disruption on the only city land available.

The improvements to the pool entrance area became Phase I and was built. But the Meeting Room and Pool Equipment were “phased” out to the future.

The Park Advisory Committee (PAC) unanimously recommended this again in 2019

For costs considerations, the project was split into Phase I, which was built on the east side and Phase II, which is in its third attempt to be funded, this time with a generous incentive.