The Site Plan shows the proposed layout of the multi Purpose Meeting Room*. The two family changing rooms in blue are accessible during the pool season. At the recommendation of Park Advisory Committee the existing Bathrooms north of this blue building (not shown) will be retained. In addition the two bathrooms (outlined in red) on the south end will be accessible from the park year-round, replacing the porta-potty.

The existing conditions with the perimeter of the proposed rooms

The aerial is to give perspective to the site plan. The Meeting Room* and the Pump Room site plans above are overlaid on the actual buildings and park area. Note that the new Meeting Room* is proposed on the “service” side of the Pump Room as can be seen under the Meeting Room* tab. Note that the more efficient design of the Pump Room provides the extra space to building Meeting Room*. Its terrace will look out west to the pond, bridge, baseball diamond using no appreciable park land. And the massive Oak Tree on the north will be a focal point of its main entrance.

Parking was a major consideration in the Meeting Room*

The Holmes Aquatic Center faces Lovers Lane and the school on the north. In 2015 the HAC and the school shared parking on Lovers Lane. Since then the school has constructed underground parking on Lovers Lane which allowed the meeting room to face the ample parking on Lovers Lane. That entrance also direct citizens to enter from the north so not to disrupt the surrounding neighborhood. And the foot traffic would be on existing walkways through the trees.