The Meeting Room* has been requested by citizens since 2015

The Meeting Room- Community Center* was designed in direct response to citizens’ and families’ requests spanning surveys from 2015 to the recent Centennial Master Plan (See: Add Indoor Sports Recreation & Facilitate Indoor/Outdoor Community Engagement, which are “UPCOMING”.)

Residents have requested a city owned and operated, year-round, centrally located gathering facility (not a gym) for casual, indoor programs, activities, meetings, fun and education for all UP citizens of all ages and groups.

Located in Curtis Park with its pool, tennis, and baseball diamond, it offers joint indoor/outdoor activities not currently available in the city. It would be operated by the Park Department under city guidelines with their effective reservation system. It will be as beloved in a hundred years as Curtis Park and the pool (built in The Great Depression) are now.

*Since 2015, the Meeting Room has been requested by various individuals, groups and organizations using names like a “family center, community center and gathering place” depending on the activities they wanted. For this website we refer to it as “Meeting Room” from the labels used on the plans.

The offer is from a long-standing UP couple involved with the park system for 36 years for construction to begin in the Centennial Year, because they feel Phase 2 will be as beloved in the next hundred years as 1930 Curtis Park and the Holmes Aquatic Center are now.

The original 2015 Holmes Aquatic Center Comprehensive Plan included both Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 was funded and then completed in 2016. Phase 2 was not funded and “phased” into the future. A second attempt was made in 2019 and this is the third attempt in 2023.

Rendering of the proposed completed Holmes Aquatic Center

The small footprint Meeting Room* was specifically designed for year-round easy access to all UP citizens and to have little impact on traffic or the surrounding neighborhood. Its entrance faces north to the school and ample existing parking on Lovers Lane. The walking path already exists through the park to the entrance. There is a pool entrance that may be used during the swim season for pool-related activities. There is no other outside entrance.

Proposed View from Curtis Park

Existing view from the Pond

What are the Meeting Room* Activities and who are they for?

Above is an early draft of citizen requested ideas for programming and activities. As we visit with neighbors, the ideas increase and evolve, especially associated with senior activities, children’s’ education, family events and programming related to indoor/outdoor. This is not a “gym” with any fixed equipment. But it may have some classes for seniors to children that involve exercise.

So please send us your ideas for uses that aren’t listed to

Does this compete with the UP library community room? No, the Meeting Room* was developed Park Advisory Committee members who were also “friends of the library.” So the design is meant to enhance UP’s opportunities that are not available in our wonderful Library “community room”, which is constricted by being located on multiple floors of a commercial building in a wonderful busy shopping center. The Meeting Room* is located in the Curtis Park in the center of the city, which allows for smaller, more causal and primarily citizen type meeting that are not as appropriate in the Library’s commercial environment.

Use of ‘Green Space” to build amenities within a park:

  1. The Community Center has been requested by citizen surveys since 2015.
  2. The “Indoor” facility is referred to in two of the “UPCOMING” but not acted upon Centennial Master Plan goals under Continue Enhancing the City’s Park System :
    1. Add Indoor Sports Recreation through community partnerships and it will be requested in the Park Master Plan Upcoming
    1. Facilitate Indoor/Outdoor Community Engagement Programming through Coordination with Parks, the Library, and other Departments. Upcoming
  3. According to the PAC, it will be again requested in the upcoming Park Master Plan
    1. Create a Parks, Open Space, and Trails Master Plan and make a Commitment to Update the Plan at least every 10 Years. 80% On Track
  4. The donor and retired Chair of the Park Advisory Committee was responsible for the design and development of all UP parks for 36 years since 1986 and he believes this will be one of the most used year-round park amenities worthy of his Centennial gift.
  5. The HAC2 has been unanimously recommended by the council-appointed two Park Directors, two Park Advisory Committee Chairs and three Park Advisory Committees (2015, 2019 and 2023-24). They recognize that the transformation of unprogrammed park land to create the Community Center is like the ‘green space’ allocated to create the pool, tennis/pickleball courts and sports facilities, which are used by substantially more citizens.

This shows how much “green space” was converted into the amenities we use today compared to the 2,644 of net green space needed for the Community Center.