The 85-year-old Pump Room (see below) is literally the “heart” of the Holmes Aquatic Center pool operations responsible for monitoring, conditioning, and filtering the safety of the pool water enjoyed by UP residents, families, and children in over 30,000 visits per summer.

This is the third unanimous attempt in nine years by 2 Park Directors, 2 Park Advisory Committee Chairs and 3 Park Advisory Committees to replace and upgrade the 85-year-old “heart” of the Holmes Aquatic Center pool to match the quality of other comparable cities’ Pool Rooms.

(Pump Room was designed and built by the WPA during the Great Depression in 1939)

The New Pump Room

The new Pump Room is a substantial upgrade in efficient design and interior pool pump equipment for the “heart” of the pool to best provide the highest quality pool water for our citizens. The modern design adds new family changing rooms on either side of the Community Center entrance and keeps the existing Bathrooms.

The efficient design allows for extra space to create the new Community Center or Meeting Room with resident and family access during the summer season to enter the air conditioned Community Center for pool-related programming and activities.

Existing Service Entrance

The new design replaces the existing current service entrance and dumpsters.